Steering Wheel Lock Reviews

Steering Wheel Lock Reviews

In recent times, the steering wheel lock is attempting to make a comeback. Past years have brought us many uses with this technology. Nowadays, cops are saying that it is the best approach if you want to deter thieves. Thieves are trying to make copies of electronic keys and they are able to do this within seconds.

Because of this, the steering lock for your steering wheel is coming back full force. Many people are purchasing this as a way to protect their vehicle. When a thief sees that a car has a steering wheel lock, maybe they will decide not to do anything to your vehicle. The reason is because it will be much more difficult for them if they have to get through one of those.

The steering lock is a device that was invented and introduced to society in the late 80s and mid 1990s. Once thought to be becoming obsolete; it is not making its comeback. More and more people are discovering just how useful this device is for protecting their vehicle in Mesa, AZ.

Parker’s Locksmith has had to break open a few steering wheel locks when the owner lost his or her keys. That was not an easy job. A question that often comes up in conversation is “what is the best steering wheel lock?”. The answer is not very simple.

In this article, we will go over a few of our favorite steering wheel locks and give you some advice on what to do with them. Apparently, being a locksmith means that you know a little bit about steering wheel locks. Maybe that’s the case. No matter, we will give you our favorite ones in a list starting with #1…

Top 5 Steering Wheel Locks

1. The Wrap

The WRAP is a steering wheel lock that we do not see very often out in the field. We probably wouldn’t even be able to get this lock off if it came down to it. It’s probably one of the most difficult locks to break that is available on the market. The only way to get through it is to saw through the metal. It would be easier to replace the steering wheel than get through this lock. You can find the WRAP for less than $100, so it’s a good buy.

2. FJM Security HS7100 SWL Silver Steering Wheel Lock

One thing that is different from this steering wheel lock from the others is that it has a crazy name. Not only will you have a hard time remember this complicated name, but its counterparts have such fun catchy names! Anyways, this lock is a great choice if you don’t want to use The Wrap. You may not know this, but airbags have been a target of recent thefts in Mesa, AZ. The FJM lock has an airbag plate which functions to keep your airbag safe from theft. Something else that people like about this lock is that it is lighter and easier to move around. You can also find the FJM in more stores than the Wrap. If you can’t get your hands on The Wrap, grab the FJM Security HS7100 SWL.

3. Master Lock

The Master Lock is basically a ripoff of The Club, with improvements. It is much stronger and more well made than the Club, but there is no difference in difficulty to break. They are both pretty much very difficult to impossible to break, so you can’t go wrong. The Master Lock doesn’t have bright colors that are easy to recognize by thieves who target that specific lock.

4. The Club

The Club is the most popular steering wheel lock around. It was one of the first ones put onto the market. It is thought to be invented by war veterans coming home from Korea. These vets supposedly saw Koreans locking their steering wheels by locking a metal chain to the wheel. From there, the first lock bar was created and became popular. As years went on, the Club was finally born. The Club remains as the top purchased steering wheel lock. The thing you must be aware of, though, is that popular locks often are targeted because thieves have practice with certain ones. Certain devices have been created which can break locks (and often break the steering wheel too). So it will be up to you to choose which lock you want to purchase. You could go with a less popular one, but maybe it won’t be as strong as the high quality popular ones.

5. Pedal to Wheel Club Lock

The Club makes a lock that is supposed to be affordable and easy to acquire. Parker’s Locksmith cannot recommend this method of locking because it is easy to break and circumvent. You can always cut the pedals or cut certain parts of the steering wheel to get through this lock. Choose a different option on this page. We wanted you to be aware of the danger of using a cheap lock like the pedal to wheel lock, due to the possibility of someone breaking through.

Parker’s Locksmith in Mesa, AZ brings you this article to teach you more about steering wheel locks. Parker’s Locksmith is a quality locksmith in Mesa, AZ who provides its services to business owners, homeowners, car owners, and more. If you are locked out of your car, or need a rekey service, you can trust Parker’s Locksmith. To go back to the home page, Locksmith Mesa.