Locked Out?

We can get you back into your car, home, office, or wherever you have locked your keys. We offer lockout services in Mesa and Gilbert AZ. (480) 360-3132

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Rekey Services

Rekeying locks, lock repairs, and new installations are just a few of the different professional locksmithing services that we offer. (480) 360-3132

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Professional Service

Providing the best services to business owners, homeowners, and automobile owners for decades. Our skilled technicians are on standby for your call. (480) 360-3132

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Professional Locksmith Service – Parker’s

Call (480) 360-3132 to speak with our locksmith customer service team now.

  • If you’ve been locked out of your car or home → We have a 30 minute mobile emergency service for Mesa & Gilbert. The price we quote on the phone is the price we charge!
  • If you need new locks, re-keying or door repairs → Make an appointment by calling us.
  • Contact us by calling: (480) 360-3132 → Tell us your problem and we tell you our price!

Price indication & conditions:

When you are looking for a locksmith, Mesa can be a difficult place, because of all the unlicensed locksmiths. When you lose your keys or get locked locked out of your car or residence, you need to seek a trustworthy, reasonably priced provider to solve your emergency situation:

  • Usually a lockout service will cost around $50 and a re-key around $10 per cylinder lock.
  • We are fully licensed: this means we need to ask for an ID when opening a car, home or office. Make sure you can provide this.
  • We are a 24 hour locksmith for Mesa AZ & Gilbert. Since we are based in this area, we do not charge extra for evening calls.

Our services can be broadly divided into three different categories:

Residential Services

Professional security personnel understands how important it is for you to keep your business establishment and home protected at all times. You should always look for a company that has been the leading emergency service in the Chandler area since 2008. Some of our common residential services include lock change, rekey, lock installations, safe repairs and more. As any good service provider in this industry we offer our services at the same affordable prices 24 hours a day.

the best locksmith services in mesa

the best locksmith services in mesa

Automotive Locksmith Mesa

At times, you may be locked out of your vehicle in the middle of the road. This can be an inconvenient and difficult problem. In order to get inside your car or get the door opened, you need to call a technician that can open your car without causing damage to the exterior. As automotive locksmiths we repair car locks, change keys and pick door locks to provide you with access to your vehicle. These professionals use advanced equipment to make sure your car’s not damaged. It takes just a few minutes to open your car’s door without damaging the lock. When it comes to creating new car keys, we are the cheapest locksmiths in Mesa, AZ

Commercial Services

With advanced factory scanners, diagnostic tools and high end key cutting machines, professionals are able to provide the best services to business owners and commercial establishments. Experienced, qualified, skilled and expert technicians are able to guarantee fast and timely service. Whether you’re looking to purchase an advanced keyless lock system, security cameras or other such services, they will be able to provide high quality products and exceptional service.


Should You Go for Professionals?

Professionals are always proud because of the dedication and commitment of technicians to offer the best services. Reputed companies only employ well-trained, experienced and highly skilled technicians who respect your privacy and safety. A good company always provides its customers with complete satisfaction. It allows the company to build a strong reputation among customers.

If you are looking for a cheap locksmith in Mesa AZ, you may be interested in our flat fee mobile service. Our tariff is $60, which will bring a technician to your location in a well-equipped SUV. This service also includes opening a maximum of two door locks – or one car door – all for a flat fee of $60!

As every customer is welcome to a professional service with high quality services, you will always be assured of the best prices, customer support and perfect installations. Our professional and reputed technicians always believe in offering the best services to residential and business owners. Their dedication, commitment and values make them the leading security professionals in the region.

It’s quite easy to find a good lock smith in Mesa. Most companies have their websites, where you can easily and conveniently gather lots of information about the company. This allows you to conduct an extensive research within a short period of time. Spending some time on research makes sure you choose a trustworthy and reliable service. Before choosing a company, you should compare many different options.

If you need to open your car and are wondering how a car locksmith can help out, click the aforementioned link and educate yourself – we’re sure you’ll find what you need.

What Type Of Lock Is Right?

Sometimes customers are concerned about security more so than the average individual, so they consider adding an extra layer of defense to their home by utilizing double locks. This is an important decision, so you should pay due diligence and make sure you make an informed decision; otherwise you are simply spending money frivolously. Utilizing a double lock is probably something you’d want to consider at a business more so at a home due to the amount of time businesses are often left vacant when they’re not operating, but can also add peace of mind to the homeowner who might be worried about the time when family members are at school or work. We havve compiled a succinct list of locks that would benefit you greatly should you choose to go that route. This is just a part of our ongoing effort to provide the best customer service to our patrons, and ensure that they keep what is safe to them exactly that, safe and well-protected.

Chain LocksMesa-security-chain-door-security

Though these probably invoke images of a bad 80’s cap movie into your head, chain security locks can be very useful for those of us who want to get a little peek at who might be ringing the doorbell without giving them the ability to forcefully enter by overpowering us. They install fairly simply, and can even be done yourself. However, if you’d like to ensure the best installation give us a call and we will be happy to quote you a fair price!

Swing Door Guardswing-door-guard

Though usually utilized in hotel rooms, a swing door guard can be much more effective than a chain lock, and also eliminates the problem of having a chain marking up your door that you paid for! Once again, these are simply installed by placing the knob of the lock on the door, then placing the u shaped latch device on the door jamb. As with the chain lock, you’l still be able to peek out the door without allowing someone to easily force entry.

Single Cylinder Deadboltssinglecylinder-deadbolt

What is a single cylinder deadbolt you might ask, as most people are simply used to hearing them referred to as deadbolts? This is the type of deadbolt you are most commonly used to seeing; it utilizes a key lock to the exterior of the door, and a simple switch on the inside. These are great for deterring individuals from picking your lock because they are more robust, or simply breaking the door down that uses a door handle lock.

Multiple Cylinder Deadboltsdouble-cylinder-deadbolt

This type of deadbolt is exactly the same as the last one described, however it utilizes a key slot on both sides of the door for even more protection. No key? No entry, and it’s as simple as that. These types of locks are less convenient as you have to always have the key with you, but they ensure an added layer of security.

Now that we’ve described a multitude of different locks, you should feel better armed to tackle the issue of home safety! If you’re still feeling like you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call, or even schedule a meeting so we can come and professionally install those locks for you. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and satisfaction.

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